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Thursday, April 15, 2021

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A new logo for ELTE S.r.l.


Ever since it was established, in 1978, ELTE S.r.l. has continued to innovate its motorized spindles through ongoing technological research. This drive for technical improvement eventually spawned the need for a change of image, starting with the logo, which was required to better convey the company's changes and new challenges.

The upward curve in the foreground conjures up the idea of growth, in both the sense of financial capital and, above all, in the sense of human capital.  After all, a manufacturing firm is the sum of the people who work for it and keep it running. ELTE has managed to grow its staff numbers considerably, expanding this business with each year.

The curve splits the firm's name into two different colours: red and grey.

Rather than suggesting a sharp division, the curving sweep of the separation gives the idea of a page being turned over. Here, the reference is to a comparison between past and present, in which research leads every day to new technological solutions, while such values as the importance of quality and passion for the work remain constant cornerstones.

An Italian flag has been added alongside the payoff in English.  This apparent contradiction helps cement two key concepts to convey what ELTE is all about: on the one hand, a decidedly export- oriented business and, on the other, the fact that its motorized spindles are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. 

Monday, July 13, 2020 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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The new S4 42/6 motor



When Elte's venture began in 1978, the company entered the market offering high frequency electric motors exclusively designed and invented for the "wood" sector. Over the years, it has been able to improve and diversify the products offered in the market, building a catalogue of hundreds of motors and motor spindles for every sector. In fact, the proposal of new motors has also expanded into the mechanics sectors for light alloys, glass and, more recently, for marble.

Undoubtedly, each sector has its own problems and needs ad hoc solutions for each type of application. Elte, from this point of view, is always ready to support the customer in order to find solutions tailored to their every need and to fulfil these with a very quick turnaround. The company has always managed to deliver any type of motor in no more than four weeks. Thanks to decades of experience, it has a close working relationship with its customers and a parts warehouse which is used for the daily production of numerous electric motors.

The new S4 42/6 motor, for example, was born from this sharing of knowledge and experience, analysing needs, making the necessary dimensional calculations and evaluating the best parts to implement, and has been designed to be used for marble cutting and milling. The type of motors for this sector require high power with relatively low speeds, compared to those for wood. In addition, this type of application will be installed in a particularly humid environment, so these motors must be watertight by way of special sealing rings or labyrinth seals. They will be made of special steel alloys in order to prevent oxidation of their component parts. The treatments to be applied to the shafts and covers must also be suitable for this working environment, so as to avoid surface damage due to marble chips removed during processing.

Our absolute commitment to solving any problem whatsoever in order to meet our customers’ requirements is what characterises Elte and its employees. Our flexibility in design and production, from the simplest motors up to frequencies of 50/60 thousand revolutions, has made the company a point of reference for many firms within the national and international industry, both for large supplies and for a limited number of parts. The heart of the production is the Research and Development Department, where its technicians design, prototype and test more and more efficient motors that will enrich Elte’s extensive catalogue.

Tuesday, March 09, 2021 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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