ELTE Srl is an Italian company that designs and manufactures high-speed precision spindles.



Founded in 1978, today its products are sold all over the world thanks to the experience and expertise of its founder, Gianni Trebbi, to Beniamo Padoan and to Sebastiano D’Amico who joined the company in 1982 and 1984 respectively, the driving forces and soul of a productive scenario that over the years has been characterised by great technical and design skills, attention to market needs, sales support, creativity and great passion.


Elte Srl is a harbinger of the Made in Italy concept around the world and has chosen to work without compromise, ensuring its customers high-quality components and a wide range of products able to meet different processing needs.

From the beginning the company has been synonymous with reliability and competence, accompanied by constant attention to the results and for the needs of each customer.




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