When the company was founded, the high frequency electric spindles field exclusively addressed the wood and light alloy sectors.

The main goal, which we later accomplished, was to change traditional automatic systems for wood and light alloys by designing a new generation of high-frequency electric spindles suitable for other areas such as marble, stone, steel, to then move on to designing engines for avionics and the dental industry.

Elte Srl has continuously made technical improvements in order to achieve a long lasting product, suitable for a wide range of machine tools. Now our aim is to research and develop new spindle capacities so as to obtain more power with less encumbrance.


The company’s growth in the years and how it successfully faced the global crisis that affected the entire economy, renewing itself in the process.

In order to expand and grow Elte researched a higher quality standard, designing a new range of spindles that work even more efficiently.

Analysis focused on electrical windings and magnetic laminations and this was the key that allowed Elte Srl to attract attention to a new line of products, entering other markets and production areas.





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