Elte motors have always been appreciated for their value, quality, reliability and design.

The complete line of products, thanks to a young, dynamic and well-prepared marketing department, has acquired, and continues to do so, new market attention and is sold around the world evenly divided between national, European and foreign markets.


Cristina Battorti and Antonio Vitale follow the national market. Cristina follows customers and historic groups while Antonio, with thirty years' experience, deals with special and personalised products.


Over the years the Elte spindle has acquired a vast market worldwide.

Alessandra Padoan, with her thirty years' experience in the national and foreign trade sector, Mara Trebbi, Patrizia Padoan and Cristina Battorti run the company’s foreign marketing department.

Over the years the foreign marketing department has broadened the company’s marketing horizons by forming partnerships and collaborations with new scenarios and integrating itself in different production sectors.




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